Welcome international students to IAU

Dear students,

Welcome to the International Agriculture University Tashkent! It is an honor for us to have you as part of our community. You have became a part of a diverse, vibrant university and a place that will take your attention. We are excited to offer you a rich academic and cultural experience that will broaden your horizon, shape your perspective and help building your network with other partner universities round the globe. Here at IAU, we relate science and practice in academics and education in a conscious and effective way, and we believe that besides realising your own aims and goals in life, you can additionally experience the diversity, interdisciplinarity and multidimensionality of science based education and practice at IAU. Our faculty members, who are experts in their fields, will teach and mentor you, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Don’t miss the diverse opportunities for your career that International Agriculture University and Tashkent have to offer! A new  place also develops new perspectives and changes simple interactions to true relationships; it also opens the doors of new possibilities and chances for learning and socialisation.

As we understand that your concerns at the very initial stage of your search about IAU here are not totally academic, this Guide purely designed for international students will provide you with the in hand info as well as tips that will help you answer your concerns and deal with challenges in your everyday student life at our university. Of course, the International Students Department is also available to facilitate you at every step of your journey and will serve as the first point of contact. After getting your initial problems and challenges solved, we believe that you will come up as an asset and contribute your experience to the betterment and improvement of the University. We are delighted to learn from you all that how you view and understand the globe and IAU elsewhere. We will look forward that you will make invaluable contributions by playing your part for the reputation of the societies and departments of IAU as global forums of scientific and social exchange.

In addition to your academic pursuits, you will have endless opportunities to immerse yourself in Uzbek culture and engage in personal building opportunities offered by university sports club, student unions and societies, as well as all of other extracurricular activities. We believe that having a diverse student body enriches our community, and we welcome and celebrate different cultures, languages, and beliefs.

 Give IAUians a chance to get to know you. The Student Welcome Centre is always available to facilitate you: our information panel, visa facilitation center, mentoring programmes and a language exchange. As you embark on your journey at the International Agriculture University Tashkent, we are committed to providing you with the necessary resources and support to help you thrive academically and personally. After you have graduated from IAU, you will have the opportunity to stay updated about the developments at IAU by joining our alumni programme. We would be happy to remain in touch with you.

On behalf of International Agriculture University, we wish you a successful and fulfilling experience.


Administration IAU