Press Release: General Information About International Agriculture University

The International Agriculture University (IAU) was established in 2022 by decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (No. PQ-237). It operates in partnership with the Royal Agricultural University, a prestigious British institution under the patronage of King Charles III. Graduates of the IAU receive diplomas from both institutions, equipping them with exceptional knowledge and skills in agriculture. IAU offers educational programs in Agrologistics, Agroeconomics, Food Safety Management, and Smart Sustainable Agriculture.

The registration process for the new academic year has commenced, providing options for enrolling in Bachelor’s degree programs or a Foundation year. The Foundation year supplements the knowledge required by foreign universities and enhances English language proficiency. Classes are conducted in English, led by a majority of foreign experts, including teachers from countries such as the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, India, Pakistan, and Germany. Additionally, students have opportunities to apply their knowledge through collaborations with foreign research institutes and internships in distinguished foreign centers, including institutes and agri-food businesses in Europe.

Dr. Munira Aminova, the rector of IAU, aims for the university to become a national and regional leader in capacity-building, research, and innovative enterprises in agriculture across Central Asia. Collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan is a key aspect of this vision. Dr. Aminova, an accomplished scientist and academic administrator, previously served at a top-ranked university in Brussels, partnering with programs of the European Union and the World Bank.

Prospective students can receive guidance and advice from the admissions committee in Tashkent or university representatives traveling to different cities across Uzbekistan. The IAU offers a compelling proposition to potential students, including the opportunity to obtain a prestigious diploma, opening doors to professions in demand in the 21st century. Career paths such as Manager in Agri-food Industry, Logistics Operator, Export & Import Expert, and Agri-food Engineer are highlighted. The university also recognizes and encourages the career aspirations of women, offering pathways into business planning and controlling, scientific research, and international cooperation. Collaboration invitations have been extended to numerous potential employers, including clusters, trade companies, and regional centers.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, IAU offers 300 places for applicants to Bachelor’s programs. Of these, 175 places are available through the grant program sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, 40 places through the scholarship program provided by the Ministry of Innovations and Higher Education, and the remaining places are for self-financed students.

For comprehensive information about the International Agriculture University and the application process, visit the website or contact the university via phone at +998 99 981 09 19.

Update: July 1