This short course is designed to develop the skills needed to progress to the Foundation program of the International Agriculture University, this course addresses several skills required from language, agribusiness vocabulary, and critical thinking to mention some, and the length varies from months to an academic year.

Course content

The Pre-foundation course aims to improve students’ academic English abilities to improve their performance in the Foundation year. Through the development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in several modalities and within English HE educational, subject-relevant agri-business vocabulary, and cultural settings, simultaneously an introduction to the norms of academic English will be offered.

As a logical path, Oxford English for Academic Purposes Level B1 Pre-Intermediate is proposed to give continuity to the course, the book consists of 10 units that cover important aspects of academic study subject areas. Additionally, students are going to have workshops, clubs and lectures on different topics such as digital and communication skills.


Please kindly note that we make every effort to make the schedule as convenient as possible for students, courses take place on each day of the week. Contact our call centre to find more details about updates of the schedule.


The module is built around lessons that are designed to maximise student collaboration and engagement with the teacher. The sessions, which are based on in-person activities like seminars, are planned for a 30-week course at a rate of 90 minutes for each class, three times a week.


Focuses on some of the most important parts of academic writing such as describing visuals, and the structure of sentences and paragraphs. Analysis paragraph structure, basic of summary writing, introduction and conclusion of an essay, different types of academic writings.


Use of extracts from academic textbooks, identification of important features of text (The main idea and identifying specific language, etc) At the end of the course the students will be able to respond critically to what they read.

Listening and Speaking

Focused on both the receptive and productive skills needed to be successful in an academic environment, focusing on listening to lectures and presentations, note taking and gradually moving in the participation in seminars, lectures, and presentations as well in the preparation of their presentations. This module covers communication strategies, Vocabulary acquisition, planning and note-taking.

Entry requirements

Registered applicants will be provided with a Diagnostic test to identify their level of English proficiency. The results of the Diagnostic test will be delivered in 24 hours or less. The result of the test should be a minimum equivalent of Elementary 2 Level, which is:

The application form can be found at the end of the page to register.


The tuition fee for the Pre-foundation course is U 3 594 000 (can be paid monthly U 599 000), it covers 6 months of academic study and includes teaching costs, registration and examination fees.

Please note that the tuition fee includes a one-time Corinium Language Associates examination (developed on demand to test candidates of the International Agriculture University) fee only.


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Dr. Emilda Josephine

Module leader of English for Academic Purposes Pre-foundation (EAPPF)

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