Bachelor's degree

What is Bachlor’s Degree and what is the aim of the programme?

This innovative degree programme aims to educate students in contemporary international agriculture who, upon graduation, will be able to apply their advanced and specialised skills to the management of agricultural enterprises and the quality enhancement of agricultural products. The aim is to produce high quality graduates with all-round abilities to meet the requirements of economic and modern agricultural development in Uzbekistan and the rest of the world. The Uzbekistan Ministry of Education consider these types of degrees to be highly attractive to students who wish to gain a more international perspective of agriculture, food chain production, management, safety, and security. They are also keen to keep more of the best students in Uzbekistan, rather than have them study abroad.

What documents are required?

1.Copy of passport
2. Copy of SRS – Student Record System (Reyting daftarchasi.)
3. Electronic photo taken in the last 3 months
4. Official certificate of English language proficiency: IELTS (5.0 points) and higher or other tests (CEFR, TOEFL)

How much is Tuition fee ?

To get Royal Agriculture University (RAU) International Degree and Diploma , the subsidized tuition fee is equal to 28 million sums.  Furthermore, The Ministry of Agriculture provides 200 Scholarships to students of International Agriculture University.
  1. Introduction
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