SU or Students’ Union is the representative and self-governance body of the students of International Agriculture, which is concerned to assist, support and engage students with and in their academic and social life, representing their rights and cooperate with the administration on behalf of the Students and in their best favour, as well as organize non-academic activities.

Speech of Dr Asamov Ravshan:

“Although the International Agricultural University (IAU) is a recent establishment, its original roots go back to the Royal Agricultural University (RAU). So, it was founded in 1842, and for the last 1 century, it has been teaching agriculture, conducting scientific research, and doing great service in taking care of fields and animals. As a successor of many years of tradition, IAU will develop as a world-class university and lead the development of agriculture in the future.

It is not enough to be proud of one’s history, despite the difficulties faced during the century. IAU is mandated to create new values to suit the new era and nurture flexible and dynamic talents equipped to meet all future challenges. By its very nature, the agricultural sector is constantly changing. we must maintain the will to move forward, overcoming situations where fertile lands turn into deserts due to natural changes. In a rapidly changing world full of uncertainties, we bravely pursue innovation in the face of all discomfort, no matter how intense.

As we conduct R&D and develop talent for the multi-sector agriculture industry, we expand our reach by partnering with various other sectors. Focusing on our strength, specialization in agriculture, we encourage interaction with the wider academy, cross boundaries and instill diverse perspectives in our students.

Our students learn to think systematically and see the tree, not the wood, they open up to areas outside their majors and approach new fields with flexible thinking. To this end, IAU will be a community where students can communicate and empathize with each other. The uncertain future approaching us becomes a new opportunity if we challenge ourselves. IAU will be a solid foundation to support our students to walk fearlessly into the future.”

Dr Ravshan Asamov, Head of the Students’ Social and Civic Life

International Agriculture University