JOB TITLE:   The teacher of psychologist

REPORTS TO: Deputy Rector Academic

PURPOSE:  The duties of a psychologist teacher, the rights of a psychologist teacher, and the responsibility of a psychologist teacher.

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Job responsibilities. Carries out professional activities aimed at maintaining the mental, somatic and social well-being of students, and pupils in the process of education and training in educational institutions. Promotes the protection of individual rights in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Contributes to the harmonization of the social sphere of the educational institution and carries out preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of social maladaptation. Determines the factors hindering the development of the personality of students and pupils and takes measures to provide them with various types of psychological assistance (psycho-correctional, rehabilitation, advisory). Provides advisory assistance to students, pupils, their parents (persons replacing them), the teaching staff in solving specific problems. Conducts psychological diagnostics; using modern educational technologies, including information and digital educational resources. Carries out diagnostic, psycho-correctional rehabilitation, advisory work, based on achievements in the field of pedagogical and psychological sciences, developmental psychology and school hygiene, as well as modern information technologies. Draws up psychological and pedagogical conclusions based on research papers in order to guide the teaching staff, as well as parents (persons replacing them) in the problems of personal and social development of students and pupils. Maintains documentation in the prescribed form, using it for its intended purpose. Participates in the planning and development of developmental and correctional programs of educational activities, taking into account the individual and gender and age characteristics of students, pupils, in ensuring the level of training of students, pupils that meets the requirements of the federal state educational standard, federal state educational requirements. It contributes to the development of students’ readiness for orientation in various situations of life and professional self-determination. Provides psychological support to creatively gifted students, pupils, promotes their development and organization of a developing environment. Determines the degree of developmental disorders (mental, physiological, emotional) in students, pupils, as well as various types of social development disorders and conducts their psychological and pedagogical correction. Participates in the formation of the psychological culture of students, pupils, teachers and parents (persons replacing them), including the culture of sexual education. Advises employees of an educational institution on the development of students, pupils, the practical application of psychology for solving pedagogical problems, improving the socio-psychological competence of students, pupils, teachers, parents (persons replacing them). Analyzes the achievement and confirmation by students of the levels of development and education (educational qualifications). Evaluates the effectiveness of the educational activities of teachers and teaching staff, taking into account the development of the personality of students, using computer technology, incl. text editors and spreadsheets in their activities. Participates in the work of pedagogical, methodological councils, other forms of methodological work, in the preparation and conduct of parent meetings, recreational, educational and other activities provided for by the educational program, in the organization and conduct of methodological and advisory assistance to parents (persons replacing them). Ensures the protection of life and health of students, pupils during the educational process. Follows the rules on labor protection and fire safety.

The teacher psychologist in the performance of his duties must know: priority areas for the development of the educational system of the Russian Federation; laws and other normative legal acts regulating educational activities; Declaration of human rights and freedoms; the Convention on the Rights of the Child; regulatory documents regulating issues of labor protection, health care, career guidance, employment of students, pupils and their social protection; general psychology; pedagogical psychology, general pedagogy, personality psychology and differential psychology, child and developmental psychology, social psychology, medical psychology, child neuropsychology, pathopsychology, psychosomatics; fundamentals of defectology, psychotherapy, sexology, psychohygiene, career guidance, vocational studies and labor psychology, psychodiagnostics, psychological counseling and psychoprophylaxis; methods of active learning, socio-psychological training of communication; modern methods of individual and group professional consultation, diagnosis and correction of normal and abnormal development of the child; methods and techniques of working with students, pupils with disabilities; methods and ways of using educational technologies, including remote ones; modern pedagogical technologies for productive, differentiated, developmental learning, the implementation of a competency-based approach; the basics of working with a personal computer, e-mail and browsers, multimedia equipment; methods of persuasion, argumentation of one’s position, establishing contacts with students, pupils of different ages, their parents (persons replacing them), work colleagues; technologies for diagnosing the causes of conflict situations, their prevention and resolution; internal labor regulations of the educational institution; rules on labor protection and fire safety.

Qualification requirements. Higher vocational education or secondary vocational education in the field of study “Pedagogy and Psychology” without presenting requirements for work experience, or higher vocational education or secondary vocational education and additional vocational education in the field of study “Pedagogy and Psychology” without presenting requirements for work experience.

The job description of a psychologist teacher is a sample of 2023. The duties of a psychologist teacher, the rights of a psychologist teacher, and the responsibility of a psychologist teacher.