Privacy Policy

1. An applicant, by creating an applicant’s account in the Application Portal of International Agriculture University (Application Portal), accepts this personal data privacy policy (Policy) and agrees to the processing of personal data.

2.Full and unconditional agreement with the Policy (Consent) and its acceptance is confirmation of the fact that the Applicant is familiar with all the points of this Policy by putting the appropriate mark on the website

3.The applicant gives his or her Consent to the processing of his or her personal data by the Admission Office of the International Agriculture University (IAU), which owns the site

4.The applicant consents to the processing of the following personal data:

a) last name, first name, middle name;

b) series and number of the passport;

c) residential address;

d) email address(es);

e) phone number;

f) other data provided by the Applicant.

5.The purpose of processing personal data is:

a) ensuring the identity of the Applicant on the Application Portal;

b) ensuring authorized access of the Applicant to the admission processes of IAU.

6.In the course of processing the personal data of the Applicant, the following actions will be performed:

a) collection;

b) systematization;

c) storage;

d) change;

e) addition;

f) use;

g) transfer;

h) destruction.

7.The applicant is provided with the protection of personal data from unauthorized access in accordance with Article 28 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Personal Data”.

8.The applicant confirms that the personal data indicated by him or her belongs to him or her personally.

9.The Applicant’s personal data is stored and processed until the purpose of their processing is achieved or Consent is withdrawn in accordance with paragraph 13 of this Policy.

10.Consent may be withdrawn by the Applicant or his or her legal representative by sending the withdrawal of Consent in any written form to the address of the admission office of IAU at

11.The applicant agrees to receive information messages from the Application Portal and other eligible parties in accordance with the academic regulations of IAU.

12.The consent of the Applicant is valid until it is withdrawn by the Applicant.

13.This Policy is valid from the moment they are posted on the website and can be changed by IAU without prior notice to the Applicant.