On Arrival

4.1 Submitting the documents physically

International students have to submit the documents physically in hard form at the international students office. The documents to be submitted physically are the same that were submitted digitally while applying. So please bring your original as well as photocopied documents while coming to Uzbekistan. The original documents will be returned to the student after completion of the degree and awarding of the official transcript or degree to student.

4.2 Registering at the local immigration office of Uzbekistan

After coming to Uzbekistan, all international students have to register themselves at the local immigration office of Uzbekistan within 72 hours. The registration includes filling a custom declaration form. The form is available at international student office of the university. Other than filling the application form, rest of the proceedings will be done by university’s side.

Registration at local immigration office charges a fee of $ . The student have to pay the fee to the international office to successfully register yourself. Besides, student have to submit their passport to university for 3 to 4 working days.

4.3 Opening a bank account

The next step for international students is to open a bank account in Uzbekistan. For this purpose, international student office is there to help you out. You can fill the account opening form at the international student office and after further proceedings by the university, you will get your bank card from the office. This is totally free of cost.

Student also can themselves open the bank account in the bank of their choice by visiting their branch.

4.4 Buying a sim card and phone registration

The last yet important step is to buy a sim card and register your phone in Uzbekistan. For sim card purchasing, you need to show your passport and sometimes local immigration registration. It is recommended to buy a sim card from an official outlet of the network so that you don’t get a SIM card registered to someone else’s name (and you may get a package/deal you cannot do anything with).

International students also have to register their mobile phones in Uzbekistan within a period of 1 month. For this purpose you need to take your phone at any and get it registered.

University’s assistance will always be available for you to get whole proceedings done and getting settled in Uzbekistan.