International Agriculture University Deputy rector for Academic Affairs Professor Neil Ravenscroft, and University of Brighton academics, Dr Mary Gearey and Professor Andrew Church released their new book. The book, English wetlands: spaces of nature, culture, imagination, argues that to understand wetlands is to understand human development. Using case studies drawn from three English wetlands, the book moves between empirical research and scholarship to interrogate how these particular ecosystems have played an essential part in the development of our contemporary society; yet inhabit a strange place in our national psyche. Chapters address a range of cultural and environmental wetland concerns.

“>Consideration is given to how we have revered, engineered and re-naturalised these landscapes throughout history; English wetlands as spaces of beauty, creativity, reflection, rejuvenation and multi-species interactions; accelerating climate change in an age of neoliberalism. The work reflects on our collective lives together alongside other species, exploring what sustainability transitions might mean for human-wetland relationships.

Neil Ravenscroft