Introduction to Food Production

Module Overview
Module Title Introduction to Food Production
Module Code 1054 Module Type Taught Module
School School of Agriculture, Food and the Environment
Module Leader Dr. Aziz Karimov
Location IAU Uzbekistan Semester Semester 2 (RAU)
FHEQ Level Level 4 Credits 15 credits
QAA Subject Benchmark Statement Bachelor's Degrees - Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Food and Consumer Science

Module Description

This module will provide you with an introduction to food production and agricultural systems through a range of topics selected from the following areas:  definitions; an overview of the policy framework; the dynamics of food supply chains in relation to external policy and regulation;  the influence of science and technology;  supply chain relationships;  primary food production and agricultural industries;  international perspectives on resource use;  population dynamics;  food supply, food security and quality;  drivers for agri-food change;  future prospects.  Examples of local, regional, national and international supply chains will be considered and the fundamental link between food and farming methodologies will be emphasised.