Course counselling & admission procedure

2.1 Counselling on courses, subjects and application procedure

2.11 Application Procedure

The students will have to fill out the application form available at the website no later than the deadline mentionedFor students who don’t have any English language exam before will have to appear in IAU English testAfter initial screening, successful candidates will be called for interviews (online for international students)

Entrance interviews for taught programmes of study together with internal entrance exams of English language will be held in 5 (five) rounds.

Rounds of interviews / entrance exams Schedule
1st round  April 24 (Mon) ~ April 28 (Fri)
2nd round May 29 (Mon) ~ June 2 (Fri)
3rd  round June 19 (Mon) ~June 23 (Fri)
4th round July 24 (Mon) ~ July 28 (Fri)
5th round August 21 (Mon) ~ August 25 (Fri)
  • After evaluation, combined with prior application and interview, selected candidates will be issued with an admission letter.

Please, note that students who will be admitted to Foundation Degree Programme after completing the first year of study at IAU will be able to choose one of the pathways of the Bachelor of Science in Business Management Programme such as Agrologistics, Agroeconomics, Food Safety Management or equivalently pathways of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Programme such as Crop Production Management, Livestock Production Management, Farm Business Management. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture programme can be pursued without choosing any pathway.

2.12 Course Counselling

Course counselling is available for students to get assistance with the application and course selection during working hours in the university.

The contact information is given below

International Agriculture University Homepage
IAU Admission Guideline
IAU Admission
Telephone          +(998)99 981-09-19
Mailing Address : 2 University street, Kibray district, Tashkent Province
Office Hours : Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm

2.2 Entry requirements

2.21 Eligibility Criteria

Those applicant who meet all of the following requirements are eligible for the International Student Admission.

  • Domestic (Uzbekistan) or foreign lyceum, college or high school graduates or graduates-to-be in the first half of the year 2023.
  • Applicants who hold a foreign passport (other than Uzbekistan).

2.22 Required documents (to submit online)

  • Copy of passport or residence permit
  • Copy of Diploma from lyceum/college/high school or verification certificate including enrollment certificate from lyceum/college/high school
  • Copy of transcript from lyceum/college/high school
  • Electronic photo taken within last 3 months – 3.5 cm ×4.5 cm
  • Official English proficiency test certificate (IELTS/ TOEFL iBT) or the official letter issued by the secondary or higher education that certifies they were taught in English
Taught Programme Minimum Requirement for Official English Test Score
Foundation Degree Programme IELTS : 5.0 or higher / TOEFL iBT : 50 or higher/ Internal exam: 38 and higher

All of the required documents listed above, especially the Official English Proficiency Test certificate, must be submitted by the deadline.

Please, note that those who have completed secondary education (High school) or higher education (University) taught in English in the country that uses English as their native or legal official language will be exempted from submitting the official English test score.

PLEASE be informed that if the submitted documents, especially Official English Proficiency Test certificate or the official letter that certifies the students were taught in English, are intentionally fabricated or forged, the applicants’ admission will be canceled.

2.3 Submitting an application

Complete online application form on IAU online application site (

2.4 Application formalities for program exchange students