Visit of Mercarium Trading Co to the IAU

On March 10, 2023, a meeting of IAU employees and the management of Mercarium Trading took place at the International Agriculture University. Mercarium Trading was represented by CEO Mr. Anatoly Karasev and General Manager Mr. Arman Suleymenov.
Mercarium Trading is a team of experienced professionals with a deep expertise in international trade, intermodal logistics, trade law, banking business and agriculture.
Professionals of MERCARIUM trading create value for manufacturers by opening new markets and providing necessary resources. The company solve the problems of delivering products and goods in the most efficient way for its buyers and consumers.
The company boasts offices in Dubai and Tashkent provide the necessary efficiency and flexibility in conducting trading operations.
During the visit to the IAU, IAU staff members and Mercarium Trading representatives exchanged views on the possibilities of interaction and cooperation between the International Agricultural University and Mercarium Trading.

The guests were shown a new, modern campus of the University. IAU staff told about the history of the university, its capabilities, courses offered as well as training programs. The guests expressed their sincere admiration.

At the end of the visit, the sides agreed on further cooperation that include signing of MOU as well as the participation and co-sponsoring of the events at the International Agriculture University. The visit was held in a friendly and businesslike atmosphere.

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