In a vibrant and energetic start to the academic year, International Agriculture University (IAU) hosted its annual Induction Week, welcoming new and returning students to the campus on September 11th, 2023. The week-long event was designed to familiarize students with the university’s facilities, introduce them to subject teachers, and engage them in various exciting activities.

The opening of the program was marked by a stirring address from IAU’s esteemed Rector, Dr. Munira Aminova, who stood before a packed auditorium of eager students. During her inspiring speech, Dr. Aminova emphasized the university’s commitment to nurturing future leaders in agriculture, highlighting the significance of producing graduates who can drive meaningful change in the industry.

“We do not merely aim to produce graduates; we strive to cultivate future leaders who will shape the future of agriculture,” declared Dr. Aminova. Her words resonated with the audience as she encouraged students to dream big and aspire to make a difference in the world of agriculture.

Following Dr. Aminova’s rousing address, the stage was graced by Prof Nicola Cannan, the Pro-Rector of Academic Affairs at IAU. Nicola shared her extensive experience and highlighted the university’s prestigious partnership with the Royal Agricultural University in the United Kingdom. She stressed that students at IAU can expect the same high standards and academic rigor as those studying abroad, thanks to this prestigious collaboration.

“IAU’s partnership with the Royal Agriculture University in the UK ensures that our students receive a world-class education and the best possible exposure to international agricultural practices,” noted Nicola. “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing our students with an educational experience that transcends geographical boundaries.”

Later, Dr. Slawomir Wroblewski, the Pro-Rector at IAU, took the stage to share his life experiences with the students. Dr. Slawomir recounted his journey from Poland to Central Asia, ultimately finding himself in Uzbekistan. He presented Academic tradition to be followed at International Agriculture University.

Mansurjon Rasulev from USAID also graced the event with his presence, sharing his experiences with the newly admitted students. He shed light on the agricultural landscape of Uzbekistan and the challenges it faces. According to him, International Agriculture University is one of the finest institutions in Uzbekistan, offering students unique opportunities for growth and learning.

“Today’s students have opportunities like never before,” said Mansurjon. “IAU is at the forefront of preparing the future leaders who will help bridge the gaps in Uzbekistan’s agriculture sector. You are fortunate to be here, and I encourage you to make the most of this exceptional educational journey.”

The Induction Week at International Agriculture University has set a dynamic tone for the upcoming academic year, fostering a sense of enthusiasm and purpose among its students.

With its visionary leadership, global partnerships, and inspiring guest speakers, IAU continues to be a beacon of excellence in agricultural education, preparing its students to be future leaders and innovators in the field of agriculture.

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