The first meeting of the scientific council was held in 2023, and the members of the scientific council agreed on the future plans.

On January 23 of this year, the first meeting of the Scientific Council of Agricultural Economics # PhD.08.00.04 was held at the International Agriculture University. The participants of the meeting were introduced to the decision No. 239/3 of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 31, 2017 No. 2893 on the structure of the scientific council. A scientific council awarding the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences (PhD, DSc) was introduced at the International Agriculture University.

Chairman Dr. Shavkat Hasanov welcomed the participants of the first session of the new Scientific Council. And the members introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their background and what they could bring to the scientific board. The Board’s register of interests is published on the website of the International Agricultural University.

The chairman defined the agenda and approach of the meeting and clarified the role, purpose and mutual relations of the members in the scientific council. Also, the members of the Council heard the presentation of the chairman Dr. Shavkat Hasanov and the deputy chairman Dr. Munira Aminova about the important strategic tasks of the scientific council.

Based on the decision of 08.00.04 – acceptance and defense of theses for PhD degrees in the specialty “Agricultural Economics” is allowed. During the meeting, members of the scientific council were introduced. After that, one of the members of the scientific council – prof. Peter McCaffery, prof. Neil Ravenscroft, prof. Ralf Schlauderer, prof. Yusupov Nurmuhammad, prof. Bobojonov Ikhtiyor, prof. Frank Billingsley, prof. Aram Aristakesyan and prof. Ahunov Muzaffar gave their opinions and suggestions on how the quality level of scientific works should meet the requirements of the time.

Based on the first discussion, the members of the scientific council agreed on their working methods. At the end of the meeting, the chairman, in cooperation with the secretariat, agreed on how to carry out the initial tasks and future plans, taking into account the proposals and interests of the members of the scientific council.

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