Campus Operations:

International Agriculture University (IAU) is fully committed to SDG#9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure within its campus operations. Through strategic initiatives, IAU has actively embraced this goal by enhancing its infrastructure, fostering innovation, and promoting industry-related practices. The university has invested in cutting-edge laboratories and state-of-the-art research facilities, promoting technological advancements and innovation. In addition, IAU has initiated infrastructure development projects, such as sustainable energy installations and advanced transportation systems, reducing its carbon footprint and supporting the development of resilient and efficient infrastructure. These tangible efforts reflect IAU’s dedication to promoting Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure in its campus operations, contributing to the broader sustainable development agenda.

Student Involvement:

The International Agriculture University (IAU) actively engages its students in fostering Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure aligned with SDG#9. Through its SDGs club, students partake in impactful initiatives such as organizing innovation workshops where they collaborate with local industries to develop sustainable solutions. The Entrepreneurship Club empowers students to incubate innovative startups aimed at improving infrastructure in marginalized areas, while the Scientific Society promotes research and development projects focused on advancing technological innovations for agriculture and rural infrastructure improvement. In addition to these specialized clubs, students participate in campus-wide sustainability hackathons, where their entrepreneurial and technical skills are harnessed to create tangible solutions for infrastructure development. These student-driven activities exemplify IAU’s dedication to nurturing industry, innovation, and infrastructure in alignment with SDG#9, contributing to the global effort to build resilient and sustainable societies.