Minister of Science gave the lecture on genetics

Professor Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, visited the International Agriculture University in Tashkent  on February 15, 2023. He met the students and academic staff of this new university and gave the speech on the importance of contemporary genetics.

The lecture entitled “RNA interference” made it possible to learn about the development of genetic research and its current state. Gene silencing is method of turning off the action of a gene without removing it from a living organism. To achieve this, scientist are using various methods of genetic engineering. The goal is to combat different diseases, such as infectious diseases and neurodegenerative disorders, and even cancer. The discussed phenomenon of gene silencing may revolutionize experimental biology and may have important practical applications in medicine, but also in agriculture.

The speaker presented his personal experience in the genetic process of improving the results of cotton breeding. It was extremely interesting to show the difficult way to create a strong scientific center in Uzbekistan. The main goal of his laboratory is to develop markers that allow the identification of factors important in agricultural production, such as fiber quality, plant development and flowering time, as well as resistance to drought or soil salinity.

The minister himself is a doctor of biological sciences, has the title of academician, is the author of numerous publications and enjoys international recognition. He is one of the leaders of genomics science in Uzbekistan, and his research areas include plant genomics, genetic mapping, transgenomics, and bioinformatics.

The young listeners got to know the personal path in the professor’s scientific career. The initial contact with science consisted in observing the surrounding nature. The desire to understand the world first led him to simple lab work. Own experiments allowed the young scientist to show his talent and, thanks to the support of government programs, he went to the best universities in Uzbekistan and then to a scholarship in the USA. There, at Texas A&M University, he managed to carry out innovative research, which consolidated his international position in science.

In the discussion with the audience, the possibility of undertaking a scientific career by students, especially women, was pointed out. Professor Abdurakhmonov ended his lecture with motivational message addressed to young people: “Be a good observer of life around you. Always be the first in the job you started and do your best on the way to do it better”.  

About IAU

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