Head of IT Department

JOB TITLE:  Head of IT Department

REPORTS TO: Head of IT Department

TERM:  Full-time

Interested people should send the CV and the motivation letter to hr@iau.uz 

– International Agriculture University (IAU) was established with the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan in May 2022

– The University aims is to provide quality, science-based, practice-oriented higher education, fundamental and applied research and professional development to build capacity of stakeholders in the agro-food industry

– The official language of (IAU) is English – all core subjects are to be held in English

– The University works in partnership with Royal Agricultural University (the UK)


Maintenance of equipment, cabling and WiFi networks, routers, computers and printers, and other electronic devices on IAU equipment. Preparation of the equipment for the academic year, maintenance and support.

Attention to a high level of modernity

Taking care of the development of the system and software, proposing new solutions, and presenting applications for purchases necessary for the high level of the teaching process.

Website Development:

Develop and maintain the university’s website using WordPress. Customize and create WordPress themes and plugins to meet specific needs. Ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsive design.

Back-end Development:

Manage and maintain the WordPress CMS, including updates and security patches. Develop custom functionalities and integrations using PHP and MySQL. Implement and manage APIs for external services and data exchange.

Server Management:

Take control of the hosting environment and manage VPS servers. Configure server settings for optimal performance and security. Handle backups, updates, and disaster recovery planning.

Student registration platform

Providing support for the operation of student registration systems (VLE, Hemis)

Conferences and events

Providing support in the operation of equipment necessary to conduct conferences and events at IAU.

Collaboration and Communication:

Work closely with other team members

Communication to understand and implement project requirements

Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in web development and related disciplines.

Skills Required: preferably Full Stack Developer, experience with work as a head of IT Department with responsibity of planning and implementation of all aspects of harware and software for the educational institution, with ability to communicate in Uzbek and English.  

Front-end Development:

HTML/CSS: Strong knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 for building and styling web pages.

JavaScript: Proficiency in JavaScript, including frameworks/libraries like jQuery, React, or Vue.js.

Responsive Design: Experience with responsive web design using frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.

UI/UX Principles: Understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design principles.

WordPress Themes: Ability to customize and develop WordPress themes.

Back-end Development:

PHP: Proficiency in PHP, as WordPress is built on this language.

MySQL: Experience with MySQL for database management.

WordPress Plugins: Ability to develop, customize, and troubleshoot WordPress plugins.

RESTful APIs: Understanding of creating and integrating RESTful APIs.

Version Control: Familiarity with version control systems like Git.

Server and Hosting Management:

Web Hosting: Knowledge of web hosting environments and domain management.

VPS Management: Experience managing Virtual Private Servers (VPS), including setup, configuration, and maintenance.


Understanding of web security best practices, including SSL certificates, firewalls, and backups.

Performance Optimization: Ability to optimize website performance through caching, load balancing, and database optimization.

Then we look forward to getting to know you soon. Please send your complete application documents, referring to the job title to Mrs. Negmatova Gulchekhra (hr@iau.uz).

We look forward to receiving your application!