“Blueberry cultivation in Uzbekistan - opportunities and limitations”

The Academy for Modern Fruit Production, established by the International Agriculture University, the Capacity Building Center, and the International Agriculture University, recently hosted a successful seminar on “Blueberry cultivation in Uzbekistan – opportunities and limitations” on the 15th of March.

The seminar was organized in response to the growing demand for fresh fruit, rising consumer expectations for fruit quality, and a growing fruit market, which have forced producers to look for new, more efficient fruit production technologies. The Academy aimed to introduce producers to the latest technological solutions used in horticulture in practice, with classes taught by top experts invited from many countries using modern teaching and learning methods to ensure that knowledge is quickly absorbed and put into practice.

At the blueberry cultivation seminar, highly qualified experts from Poland shared their knowledge and experience in blueberry cultivation, as Poland is the second-largest producer of blueberries in the world after the USA. The program included everything needed for proper blueberry growing, such as the selection of varieties for Uzbekistan, blueberry propagation methods, blueberry cultivation systems in Uzbekistan, fertilization, irrigation and fertigation systems, disease, and pest control.

The seminar was attended by numerous producers, who appreciated the opportunity to learn from top experts and share best practices with their peers. The Academy’s efforts to promote modern fruit production technologies were lauded by the industry, as more producers could adopt modern techniques and meet the growing demand for fresh fruit while maintaining high fruit quality.

In conclusion, the seminar on blueberry cultivation in Uzbekistan organized by the Academy for Modern Fruit Production was a resounding success, providing a valuable platform for producers to learn and share best practices in fruit production. It is hoped that the Academy will continue to organize similar events to promote modern fruit production technologies and support the industry’s growth.

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