Agri-food business and marketing

Module Description

This module introduces students to the steps required to set up successful enterprises and examines the characteristics of a thriving business such as marketing, e-commerce, networking and personnel management. The structure and development of the agricultural industry in Uzbekistan and Europe. The basic principles of economics including supply, demand and production economics. The format and role of enterprise accounts (Gross Margin accounts) in farm and enterprise management. The importance of setting business objectives for the business. The types and use of ICT in the management of a farm business

The module will make use of the RAU’s long track record of successful student entrepreneurship and will provide access to case studies, connections to entrepreneurs and allow for under the skin analysis of the approaches taken. Students will also have access via the IAU Enterprise Society to support further development of these skills alongside their studies.  This module allows students to exercise the skills of digital literacy studied alongside this module in semester 1.

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