IAU held a simulating presentation at the Presidential School where the opportunities for graduated of modern agricultural education was presented.

Agriculture is commonly perceived as being a simple task based industry, ploughing the land, raising sheep and milking cows.
Agriculture has never been a simple industry, it has a long history of innovation, research and development, critical thinking professionals, that has turned the industry into a sophisticated, hi-tech dynamic industry.

An industry that contributes some 29% of the GDP of Uzbekistan, an essential industry to sustain not only the economy but to feed population and ensure the environment is protected. Modern Agriculture is industry that requires creative, critical thinking, research focused graduates. IAU is a new university that has been created to produce such graduates.

The students of the Presidential school were surprised and interested in the opportunities, asking critical and thought provoking questions.
Uzbekistan agricultural industry needs talented well trained graduates to ensure the sustainably, the development and continued productivity of the industry.