Delegation of Agro TV channel visited the International Agriculture University on October 19, 2022. During the visit, the director of Agro TV, Aziz Nabikhanov, and the rector of the International Agriculture University, Munira Aminova discussed mutual cooperation projects.

In the introductory part of the meeting, the director of Agro TV, Aziz Nabikhanov, presented the ideas of all the international cooperation programs of the TV channel and scientific media projects in agriculture industry. TV channel provides unique formats of broadcast and programs, which will also be available through internet platforms. The uniqueness of the special projects is that, each program has its audience, some of them are easy to grasp for general public and some of them are deeply analytical for specialized audiences. The main goal is to provide farmers, foreign trade experts and young generation the latest news of the agriculture industry. Mr. Aziz Nabikhanov emphasized that Agro TV is ready to provide training in the field of agro-journalism among (IAU) university students and support young people who are interested in this field.

Agro TV offered regular media coverage of all aspects of the university, educational processes with foreign lecturers, events related to the activities of IAU, press conferences, briefings, special quiz programs for students, practical and online seminars, special projects about university students and more.

The parties have put forward the goal of changing the stereotypes about the agricultural industry by bringing modern agricultural infrastructure to the general public. “It is necessary to convey the developing agricultural technologies and innovative methods to the general public” said Mr. Aziz Nabikhanov.
The meeting between the International Agriculture University and Agro TV ended with the signing of the “Memorandum of Understanding” in order to further strengthen the cooperation between the parties.