IAU’s priority is to raise the quality of Education

On August 22, 2022, at the premises of the International Agriculture University, a meeting was held with Professor Alisher Turaev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan – General Director of the National Center for Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture. Professor Turaev is an internationally renowned biologist-geneticist. As a member of the Supervisory Board of this university, A.Turaev shared with his experience of working over 20 years in Vienna.

The guest declared that his network of prestigious contacts would be involved in cooperation with IAU. The leading foreign experts will be invited to give guest lectures at this university. Of course, the offer was gladly accepted. Professor Turaev also agreed to provide lectures in the area of biotechnologies.

During the meeting, the concept of conducting research with foreign partners, in particular from Western Europe and Israel, was also discussed. It will be accompanied by scientific conferences and an innovative science journal. Rector of the university, Dr. Munira Aminova, confirmed that proposed contacts will be integrated with the series of open seminars launched by IAU. Mr.Shukhrat Amanov, Head of the Head of Innovation and Education Department at the Ministry of Agriculture also participated in the discussion.